The past years God has restored my relationship with my parents. He has also healed wounds of the traumatic time in my childhood. He restored my identity and answered the deep questions I had. I was suicidal for many years, but God brought healing and deliverance. I resented my family; God brought love and forgiveness. I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere; God showed me I belong to him and that his love is unconditional. These are just a few examples. I hope this blog will help each of you to reach out for God’s restoration of your identity and to allow him to make you whole. It will be painful and uncomfortable at times, but it is worth it. I hope to encourage you with my blog to listen to what the Father says about you, who you are, what he calls you to be and that you won’t let the world limit your expectations. God’s ways and thoughts are higher than your own. He dreamed dreams over your life when he created you. Let him define who you are and don’t limit yourself or let the world limit you. God bless you and be with you as you read this blog.