About me

Seven years ago, God took me on a journey of getting to know him on a deeper level, of the restoration of my identity, of making me whole and teaching me his word, while he answered crucial questions I had. It wasn’t an easy journey, or painless, but it was worth it.

I lost my sight when I was seven years old and I left my home and family in Suriname, South America, to move to the Netherlands and live with my dad’s family.  I had just lost my full sight, survived death three times and went to live with people I barely knew. I hadn’t processed being blind, nor accepted it. I adapted to my new life, put the trauma away and continued with life.

My dad’s family sent me to a Christian institute for the blind. I grew up with Hinduism and Christianity, since my family believed in Hinduism. These years apart from my parents and siblings were not easy. I suffered from lack of love and emotional abandonment. Still, I found ways to cope with it all.

At age fifteen I chose to make Jesus my Savior. My parents and siblings also migrated to the Netherlands and we were a family again, though they were like strangers to me, especially when I broke with all the Hinduism rituals and told them that I’d become a Christian.

Through the years I struggled with the expectations and limitations the world put on me, deciding what I could or couldn’t do, having no sight. People spoke words over me, that hurt and destroyed my identity.

These past years on this journey with God I found that he restored many of those areas where I suffered. The more I get to know him, the more I go to him to ask who I am and who I am supposed to be, what he wants me to be and where, what he is calling me for, etc. It is a challenge to live one’s life like that, because people don’t understand it, many times fellow-believers don’t understand it. But, aiming for what God has in mind for me brought me more peace and wholeness than anything else. I choose to let God define who I am and what my limitations are. I hope my story will help you with your story.

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