Who defines your identity? Is it the world or is it God? What is your identity and can it be restored?
I believe God is the only authority allowed to define our identity. He created us and, before our innermost being was woven, he had thoughts about us and dreamed dreams over us. Did you realize that usually one’s name is part of his identity? My name means beautiful song and the spiritual connotation is melody of God and courageous. Many people have told me over the years how courageous they think I am. Usually I just shrug my shoulders, because to me it is not a thing of courage at all. Yet, it keeps returning to me. I also love to sing and singing brings me closer to God. To worship God is natural for me. So, what does your name mean? What does this imply about your identity?

Identity is not a label. Some people might think it is, but one’s identity lies in one’s inner being. It is the core of who you are, which is much more than a label. This is different for every person. But, I believe one’s identity has different aspects.
As I already mentioned, the meaning of one’s name is part of one’s identity.
As children of the living God we may know that our identity lies in Christ and that in Him through faith we are children of the King of kings. This gives us authority and is, I believe, the foundation of our identity.
Our callings and destiny that God put in our lives are a different aspect of who we are.
So, to make it concrete:
I am the King’s daughter, worshiper of the living God, passionate about justice and injustice especially concerning the defenseless. I am passionate about healing for body and soul. If I encounter injustice to children, for example, I get furious. If I see hurt, whether it is an animal or a person, my heart breaks for them. It is who I am, how God defined me to be, created in His image.

In answer to the question whether your identity can be restored when damaged by life, experiences, trauma, etc, the answer is yes. God is the Healer and Deliverer. If one pursues healing and wholeness and restoration by him, he will find it. God heals the deepest wounds and sets people free. He also restores to them what has been destroyed by the enemy. Maybe you wonder how. Well, it takes courage to face your wounds, your brokenness. It requires a humble heart, the willingness to forgive and release the person or people, who hurt you. It requires releasing one’s pain, anger, hurt, disappointment, resentment, and other emotions to the Lord and asking him to heal you. Sometimes it may mean a need of deliverance of demonic oppression, and/or choosing to believe God’s truth over your own. But, if you have the courage to go this journey with God, he will not let you down. I find I am more at peace and whole, knowing that I am rooted in the Lord – far more than seven years ago. The journey has had it challenges, painful moments and periods of discomfort, but I say, it was worth it. I pray that if you read this, and you long for this as well, that you will find your way to the Lord and be encouraged by him to go forward.