How hard is life while blind?

A sixteen-year-old asked me this question: “Is it hard to live your life while you’re blind?”

I honestly had to think about her question. After contemplating it for a while, I answered her: “Yes, and no.”

I sometimes find life hard, especially when I feel like I have to prove myself that I am able to do something without sight. Or, when I feel blind, because I literally feel limited without sight. For example, I am on my way to church and I find the sidewalk broken up. The only ‘safe’ way around it is to cross the busy road with no one around to ask for help.   

I think the reasons for the, “Yes, sometimes life is hard,” are pretty obvious. But, why would I also say no?

I would say no, because I learned to adapt and have God in my life. I can’t imagine life without Him, or being out and about without trusting Him for safety and direction. I have asked God countless times in my life: “Lord, I need to get across this road safely, without somebody’s help. Please let me know when I can cross.” Or, “Lord, I’m lost, where do I go?” 

Other times, the Lord provides help when I feel like I’m facing a giant. For example, someone gave me feedback on my book and made a ton of notes, but they were all highlights and comments in the file. I can’t scan through the text quickly, but would have to read it all through, which would take hours. Another friend offered to copy the notes in a separate file, which made it much more feasible for me to read them.

I remember a night years ago, when I cried my heart out on a pastor’s shoulder because I didn’t know how to carry the burden of being blind. The pastor said to me: “You don’t have to carry this cross alone. The Lion of Judah is carrying it with you. He will give you the strength and courage to live your life while carrying the cross of being blind.”

So yes, life can definitely be hard when blind. However, I’ve found God to always be faithful to his promise to help me to carry my cross. He generously provides for every single need I have and helps me.  However, it does require faith on my part to step out and trust God to keep his promise to me.